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Summer Podcast: Re-examining Hoover and FDR


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Hoover and FDR, presidents during the Great Depression, are often fit neatly into nearly-stereotypical categories: the do-nothing and the man of action; the old, ineffective approach and new, successful perspectives. Dr. John Moser of Ashland University discusses where and how these images of the two presidents are accurate, misleading, and in some places incorrect.’s new seasons of live Webinars will begin on 26 August, with the first Saturday Webinar, focused on the Intolerable Acts.

Summer Podcast: Religion and Science – The Case of Eugenics


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This podcast discusses the eugenics movement in the United States in the first decades of the 20th century. Eugenics gained authority from science, earned the support of prominent Americans, and led to the passage of sterilization laws designed supposedly to enhance the human gene pool. The podcast explains why religious leaders joined the eugenics movement and why others opposed it. Understanding the eugenics movement helps us understand the complex relationship between science, religion and politics in American history. is a project of the Ashbrook Center at Ashland University

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